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We Make Your Buildings Transparent

With DiConneX, you get an exact visualization of your building, that brings all the information together. The digital twin creates a single source of truth for you, that applies equally to all parties involved.

Industry-Driven Solutions for Efficient Building Management

The world is becoming more digital every day. International companies today depend on a digital organization of processes. The management of building infrastructures has a significant impact on the profitability of a company. The goal of every company is to gain efficiency in work or production processes. That’s why the use of automated processes is advancing, making it possible to leave behind outdated business models, break new ground and make the best possible use of resources in the process.

Our Mission

We create fast and for everyone browser based infrastructures infrastructures in 3D and optimize the operation over the entire life cycle.

Why is the digitization of your buildings and processes so important?

One of the biggest challenges to a company’s profitability is often the management and operational processes of buildings. One reason for this is the large number of stakeholders involved in building-related processes who need access to different data and information. We provide a platform for efficient communication between all stakeholders and enable decisions to be made regardless of location. Thanks to the digital mapping of the actual state of the building, cumbersome coordination processes are finally a thing of the past.

The Advantages of the Digital Twin

The Digital Twin encompasses the entire building ecosystem and enables all stakeholders to interact with each other and optimize your buildings at every stage of the lifecycle.


Minimize wasted time from your stakeholders with remote task coordination and virtual building walk-throughs.

Data Integration

Linking of various external data sources in a superordinate platform concept incl. visualization.

Cost Savings

The Digital Twin gives you better visibility.
From building usage to consumption optimization.

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With our expertise in digital twins and BIM, you have experienced experts at your side. Together, we align your business processes for digital transformation.

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