About Us

The digitization of buildings
is our vision

We combine the different characters and competencies of our employees to create innovations for a sustainable future of buildings. Through interdisciplinary methods such as Building Information Management, we promote good cooperation within the company as well as externally with our customers and partners. We strive for joint growth in order to continuously offer better services and technologies for our customers, also internationally.

We are the solution provider for building digitization

We quickly create browser-based infrastructures in 3D that are usable for everyone and optimize operations throughout the entire lifecycle. DiConneX’s diverse expertise in BIM, surveying, 3D building capture and software development has made it a key pioneer in the field of building digital twins.
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Our Values


Is the cornerstone of our
community in which we stand for each other
stand up for each other.


Through our actions we want to to develop personally and develop professionally, to achieve the best.


We take responsibility, in order to support each other as a group within the framework of our mission in the best possible way.


Through our connectedness with each other we have the daily motivation to give our best for success.


We are goal-oriented and open
to new ideas and perspectives to promote


We stand together as a community together and work solution-oriented, in order to be to be one step ahead.

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