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In our new series “What are you doing here?” we would like to give all visitors a little look behind the scenes of DiConneX and introduce individual employees. Every employee plays an important part in the success of our company and the success of our customers.

Our guest today is one of the first employees to ever join the DiConneX team. Alexander Lenz has been our Mapping & Scanning Specialist since 2016. In this interview, Alex explains to us what his work at DiConneX is exactly.

Hello Alex, Can You Introduce Yourself and Your Job at DiConneX?

Hello, my name is Alexander Lenz and I have been working at DiConneX for about 2 years.

My tasks at DiConneX are the implementation, control and post-processing of the mapping and scanning projects. In the background, this also involves the provision of resources for data hosting. In my work, I mainly work with the NavVis software (Indoor Viewer) and hardware (Trolley M6).

Why Did You End Up at DiConneX?

I was looking for a subject-related student job that I could do while studying. I came across Jörg’s advertisement on the intranet of the Jade University of Applied Sciences, Oldenburg. After a coffee together, I became one of the first employees in the company that had just been founded. The main advantage for me is the possibility to work remotely.

What Has Been Your Best Day at DiConneX So Far?

Project completions are always very satisfying. I had the chance to participate in a project at BMW Welt in Munich some time ago. Both the mapping and the provision of the digital twin were a big challenge at that time. This was mainly due to the size and complexity of the building. The software also reached its limits. This project cost me a lot of nerves (laughs). Therefore, you can imagine my friends when we were able to successfully complete the project.

Since it was also one of the first projects where the responsibility was mainly mine, I was especially proud of it. For me, that day was undoubtedly one of the best.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

On the one hand, I like working with geodata in the office. But I also like doing the mapping on site as much. Coordination between different departments is necessary, and you always get to know new people.

What I also find particularly exciting is the opportunity to look behind the scenes of buildings because of the work. Otherwise, there is no access to that

Where Can People Find You When You’re Not in the Office?

At the moment, unfortunately, far too often in the lecture hall. And if not there, then at home at the computer and in the workshop. I’m currently building my own globe.

What Songs Make Up Your Perfect Office Playlist?

Doesn’t matter, the main thing is minimal techno. It’s just the right mix of quiet enough to concentrate well and exciting enough not to have to consume the whole coffee alone.

Thank you, Alex, for the insight into your work and private life.

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