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In our new series “What are you doing here?” we would like to give all visitors a little look behind the scenes of DiConneX and introduce individual employees. Every employee plays an important part in the success of our company and the success of our customers.

About 3 months ago Slim Aoun joined the DiConneX team. As a BIM consultant, IoT specialist and civil and environmental engineering student, he has a lot to offer the company. In this interview, Slim talks about his tasks and gives you a little insight into office life and the atmosphere in the DiConneX team.

Hi Slim, Can You Introduce Yourself and Your Job at DiConneX?

Hello, my name is Slim Aoun. I work at DiConneX as a BIM consultant and IoT specialist. I am also studying civil and environmental engineering at the TU Hamburg.

Why Did You Apply For a Job at DiConneX?

My interest in the BIM method is not new, and I was already passionate about this topic during my studies. In 2018, I wrote my bachelor thesis on BIM, digital twins and the Internet of Things (IoT) in relation to hospitals. This thesis was a way for me to broaden and deepen my knowledge about it. But it was still not enough for me. I still wanted to gain practical experience in the field of BIM and digital twinning.

I already knew DiConneX when I applied and knew that the company was exactly in this field. When they published a job advertisement, I naturally jumped at the opportunity!

How Did You Know the Company?

Last November, I visited the BIM Congress in Munich and got to know the company DiConneX for the first time. I had the opportunity to find out more about the company and its activities, and also learned that DiConneX is based in Hamburg. And since I live in Hamburg myself, I kept the company in mind.

You Started at DiConneX about 3 Months Ago. Can You Tell Us What Your Main Tasks Are?

As already mentioned, I work at DiConneX as a BIM consultant. So I support our managing director, Jörg Jungedeitering, in developing strategies and solutions for the use of BIM and the Digital Twin. These solutions are primarily aimed at customers who need help with the implementation of the BIM method.

I was also recruited for my knowledge of IoT and am accordingly responsible for creating and scheduling IoT systems. In doing so, I am interested, for example, in the different use cases that we could implement within the scope of our activities.

That Sounds Exciting! Apart from That, What Do You like Most About Your Job at DiConneX?

As you just said, my tasks are really exciting and very diverse. This variety is very important for me and contributes to the fact that I learn a lot through this job. In addition, at DiConneX you benefit from an independent way of working. This allows everyone in the team to freely design their tasks and contribute their own ideas.

A Propos Team: How Is the Atmosphere in the Team? Have You Been Able to Integrate Well?

The atmosphere is wonderful! Everyone is super friendly and open, so I felt integrated very quickly. The team is also very international, which I personally find very nice.

You can feel the enthusiasm and motivation of the young team at DiConneX and a certain start-up feeling!

Where Can People Find You When You Are Not in the Office?

To be honest, it really depends on the weather. Who goes out when it’s raining?! But when the weather is nice, I like to go out in my favorite districts in Hamburg. Especially in the Sternschanze and Grindelviertel.

And Last Question, What Songs Make Up Your Perfect Office Playlist?

To stay focussed, I like to listen to electronic music. All the songs by the French bands “The Blaze” are very suitable for working in the office.

Thank you, Slim, for the insight into your work and private life.

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