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VR: New Groundbreaking Fields of Application for the Digitalization of the Real Estate Industry?

The terms Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are often mentioned in reference to computer or video games. But the use of VR and AR technologies is not limited to this industry. Quite the opposite!

In keeping with this theme, an event organized by nextReality.Hamburg e.V. will take place in Hamburg on 15.08.2019. For this extraordinary edition, the association will meet with the Real Estate Lounge in Hamburg and discuss what VR and AR mean for the construction and real estate industry. The event promises experts and exciting discussions in a great location. And this time DiConneX will be there too!

Digitalization is also creating new opportunities and risks in the construction and real estate industry, which means that it must actively seek new and, above all, efficient solutions for its sustainable development. Many may not know it yet, but VR and AR technologies can bring a multitude of advantages to this topic. Both architects and builders can benefit from AR and VR. But how?

During the event, all questions regarding VR and AR in the construction and real estate industry will be answered. In the course of the numerous panel discussions, the various fields of application and special features of VR and AR technologies will be explained using interesting use cases.

Such a topic is not only particularly exciting, but also offers us at DiConneX endless development perspectives for our projects. For that, we are all the more pleased to be part of the event. Apart from participating in the panel discussion, our managing director, Jörg Jungedeitering, will present many of our latest projects.

If you are interested in experiencing our projects live, this event is the perfect opportunity for you. The visual representation of our projects will be created in the form of a point cloud and made tangible through VR. So come along and join us for a virtual tour.

If you would like to be part of the event and benefit from the exciting conversations on the topic of VR and AR in the real estate industry, you can register here:

You can also find more information about the event and the event partners here

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