Digital Twin: Making Success Simple Through Innovation

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A digital twin is causing a revolution in the real estate industry in 2019. This was again confirmed by many analysts at the Hannover Fair, which is the ideal place to discover the latest trends within the industrial sector. This year’s fair was shaped by trends in digitalization and the use of digital twins.

Lack of Digitalization in the Real Estate Market – What Does a Digital Twin Do?

One problem that the industry is currently facing is the multitude of around 200 different information standards that arise during the process of an inventory, up to the planning or restructuring of a building. This multitude of standards, which to date have not been standardized, results in serious information losses. This information loss comes into play during the entire life cycle and is reflected accordingly in the final result, usually with considerable additional expenditure.

Due to these dilemmas within the real estate industry, not only the optimization of individual sub-areas, but a holistic improvement of the entire process is imperative. After all, the transmission of a burnt CD-Rom with PDF files should not be the standard in “electronic” data transfer in the 21st century.

Digital Twin Is the Answer to the Lack of Digitization to Date

A digital twin can validate concepts and ideas even before production, as both processes and products can be simulated extensively and in any variations in virtual environments.

Example: A new living level is to be raised. For this purpose, a digital twin is created, which is first tested in a virtual environment. You can share your virtual model with the respective stakeholders through the centralized and standardized database and improve the created model collaboratively on a digital level to ultimately make perfect use of the space potential. In this way, a digital twin minimizes sources of error or disruption even before the start of operations.

Does a Digital Twin Bring about a Revolution in the Sector of Inventory and Condition Recording?

A digital twin has an effective, fast inventory and condition recording, which is done without the endless number of Excel lists. After the rapid area survey (up to 40,000 sqm/day), the collected data as well as any conditions of the materials can be effectively recorded within the point cloud.

Example: The standardized procedure of an inventory and the associated restructuring is carried out using several Excel lists and systems (e.g. SAP, CAFM, CAD, PLM) – i.e. an all in all chaotic procedure. These non-standardized processes lead to information loss. A digital twin eliminates this inefficient approach by creating a virtual mapping in platform-independent systems. Thus, the visual 3D model, in which the data is uniformly represented, can be accessed regardless of location. A digital twin thus creates an efficient and networked information platform that can be accessed by all employees involved.

Digital Twin: Innovation in the Connectivity Sector

A digital twin optimizes the organization of responsible workers and visually represents the associated cross-divisional processes. Communication between building operators and building users is significantly simplified by the implemented digital level of the digital twin.

Example: Within a property, an office compartment is to be redesigned. So far, this has involved a considerable amount of communication to inform the stakeholders, the property owners, and tradesmen about the process and to pass on the respective instructions. Furthermore, the actual or target status, as well as the concrete implementation, must be documented. A digital twin optimizes the connectivity of all parties involved through the central database and direct access to the 3D model in which the data is recorded. A digital twin uses this centralized method of communication to ensure that all stakeholders are immediately informed and have access to the relevant information.

Digital Twin – The Innovation of the Real Estate Sector

The examples mentioned describing some current problems and solutions in the real estate industry that a digital twin significantly simplifies. In contrast to conventional methods, a digital twin ensures an efficient, fast process that leads to an optimized result. The networked digital twin from DiConnex makes it possible to provide your systems and processes easily and platform-independent for all stakeholders.

There are certainly different ways of using a digital twin in your company. In our e-book, you will find out how you can find the right application. Simply download it now and discover your potential:

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