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In our new series “What are you doing here?” We would like to give all visitors a glimpse behind the scenes at DiConneX and introduce individual employees. Every employee with us plays an important part in the success of our company and in the success of our customers.

Marvin Dunze has been working as Senior Marketing Manager at DiConneX since mid-2018 and reports here on his tasks and gives you a little insight into office life and the atmosphere in the DiConneX team.

Hello Marvin, Can You Briefly Introduce Yourself and Your Job at DiConneX?

Hello, my name is Marvin, I am 30 years old and come from Hamburg. At DiConneX I am responsible for marketing. That means all communication channels, external presentation and events. Furthermore, marketing works closely with the management to adapt and develop services and products.

Why Did You Apply For a Job at DiConneX?

I was particularly drawn to the challenge. The field of digitization of buildings and Industry 4.0 was completely new to me. In addition, the market for digital twins in Germany is still very young and must first be developed and built up. As a person who is always curious, these factors were the reason for me to start at DiConneX.

What Has Been Your Best Day at DiConneX So Far?

After a lot of sweat and blood last year, the commitment of our investor was certainly a glorious day for all of us. In addition, there are really great projects and new orders that show me that the marketing is bearing fruit. As long as it stays that way, every day will be the best.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

The whole dynamic we have in our office makes me enjoy coming to work every day. We all sit together in one office, and you get to hear a lot from the other teams. We talk a lot because each part plays an important role in the overall success of the company. There is always time for jokes and the VR glasses are not used for point clouds, but to set new high scores in various games.

Where Can People Find You When You’re Not in the Office?

The one week we have summer in Hamburg, I like to be outside (laughs). Otherwise, it really is the most beautiful city of all for me. I was born and raised here and like to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Even though my friends always joke that I should leave Winterhude more often.

What Songs Make Up Your Perfect Office Playlist?

My favorite music is 80s rock. Most of the time, I sing along too much, which is rather amusing in the office. That’s why I also like to listen to something electronic, to stay focussed.

What Is Moving You in Your Life Right Now?

I’m most often out and about with friends, on holiday or with my girlfriend. In addition, I hope to play golf more often in the future, that was always a great balance during my studies and I would like to take it up again.

If You Had to Illustrate Your Life with a Film, What Would It Be?

Who thinks up these questions? Was that the marketing again? (laughs) I have to say, I’m really a big film and series junkie. So as a little medley – my life is a mixture of Ted Mosby, Alan Harper and Sheldon Cooper.

Thank you for your insight into your private life and your daily work at DiConneX.

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