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In our series “What do you actually do here?” we would like to give all visitors a little look behind the scenes of DiConneX and introduce individual employees. Every employee at our company plays an important part in the success of our company and the success of our customers.

Alia has been working at DiConneX since October 2019 and is our Account Manager. Here she talks about her tasks and gives you a little insight into office life and the atmosphere in the DiConneX team.

Hello Alia, Can You Briefly Introduce Yourself and Your Job at DiConneX?


My name is Alia Barry. I have been working at DiConneX as an Account Manager since October 2019. So I take care of everything around our clients and partners. Above all, tasks of organization and coordination are part of my daily office life. DiConneX places a lot of emphasis on building a relationship of trust with its customers and partners. For me, this means that I always have an open ear for our customers and always make an active effort to respond to their needs and questions.

Why Did You Apply For a Job at DiConneX?

I started working at DiConneX in April 2019. At that time, I was still a student and was supposed to do an internship abroad as part of my last master’s semester. I studied Franco-German Marketing & Management before that. I really wanted to gain my initial experience in the field of online marketing and, because I wanted to live near Hamburg, my search for an internship was based on these criteria.

So I stumbled upon the job advertisement from DiConneX. I didn’t know anything about BIM and had never heard of a “digital twin” in my life (ahah). But I found the whole thing very exciting. My goal at the time was to find an internship that would enable me to learn a lot and would be a real challenge for me. In short, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. And that is exactly what the internship in the DiConneX team offered me.

What Has Been Your Best Day at DiConneX so Far?

In November 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in BIM World in Munich. As DiConneX was one of the nominees for the Smart Building / Smart Construction Innovation World Cup, I was supposed to give a short presentation (a short pitch). It was a small audience (maybe 30 people) but I was very nervous. It was a very good experience. I also had many interesting conversations that day. All in all, it was a very successful day.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

I am a very communicative person and therefore enjoy dealing with people. Because of my job, I often get to travel around Germany and get to know new cities, which I also find very nice.

Where Can People Find You When You’re Not in the Office?

In Lüneburg, because I live there. A very beautiful city! At the weekend, I quite like to go for a walk or eat in a nice restaurant or have a cozy coffee with friends.

I would like to say that I spend my free time in the gym, but unfortunately it would be a big lie (even if it is part of my 2020 resolution).

What Songs Make Up Your Perfect Office Playlist?

All Lo-Fi Spotify playlists. Perfect for staying focused. For those who enjoy this genre of music, according to Wikipedia, the term “lo-fi” refers to “a subgenre of hip-hop or electronic music that is stylistically in the easy listening genre and includes quiet, slow and relaxing music”.

What Is Moving You in Your Life Right Now?

I have a project for 2020: I want to have more “greens” in my apartment.

My problem: I can’t take care of plants at all, and most of them die within a few weeks. So I’m looking for tips and plant recommendations that might outlive me. That takes a lot of my time!

Thank you for your insight into your private life and your daily work at DiConneX.

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