Single Source of Truth – What is it?

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Anyone dealing with BIM or the digital twin will be overwhelmed by technical terms. There are abbreviations as well, of technical terms, which can make reading texts in this area difficult. In addition to common abbreviations such as BIM or IoT, there are also unfamiliar abbreviations such as SSOT or SPOT. Therefore, we now shed some light on the subject and define SSOT/ SPOT and explain its benefits and areas of application.

Single Source of Truth- Definition

Single Source of Truth (SSOT) or Single Point of Truth (SPOT) can literally be translated into “only source of truth”. However, the term can also be translated differently as “consolidated data”. This consolidated data forms a uniform and holistic source of information for those involved in a project. A holistic source of information is created by the constant updating of the data that can be found there.

Benefits of the Single Source of Truth

The Single Source of Truth describes a common data platform that is accessible to all employees. It is intended to serve as a basis for decision-making within companies. The benefit can be explained by the fact that everyone involved in a project have access to the same information and are therefore, ideally, at the same level of knowledge. This makes it easier for several people from different areas or sectors to work together.

BIM as an Application of the Single Source of Truth

The single source of truth is one of the fundamental components of the BIM method of working. Here, all project data are combined in a single source of truth and thus checked for collisions and quality. The single source of truth is formed with BIM in a Common Data Environment (CDE). A CDE is an internet-based project platform in which plans, models and documents can be centrally stored and organized. The current planning status can therefore be viewed in the CDE. In addition to the CDE, there is a coordination model, which represents the models together as a common 3D model. This can also be viewed and used in real time by all those involved in the project. Changes can be made there, attachments can be created and errors can be communicated quickly. This ensures quality, cost and schedule security for the employees. Thus, construction projects are planned and built more efficiently with the help of the Single Source of Truth.

The Digital Twin as an Application Area of the Single Source of Truth

The digital twin represents the digital image of a building. It shows what a building feels in its actual state. With the help of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is possible to obtain updated data on various parameters. This is an advantage, especially in facility management, when it comes to error messages and efficiency planning. The digital twin, thus, forms the single source of truth.

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