The Digital Surveying of Buildings

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Surveying buildings can be a tedious and complicated business. However, thanks to advancing digitization, there are many ways to make the most diverse industries more digital. The same applies to surveying. Surveying can now take place without a scale and with the help of many technological tools. Apart from that, it is now possible to represent buildings virtually in three dimensions and to integrate additional information into such a survey model. With a digital survey, there are no limits to the further processing of data. A scan can virtually represent desired objects or buildings one-to-one. This results in photo-realistic data recordings that are accurate to the millimeter and contain many details. The virtual models have an additional added value when reality reaches its limits. Inaccessible places or technical risk zones are only examples of problems that can arise. The finished model can optimize the planning, documentation and operation of buildings and make them more efficient.

What is Digital Surveying?

Digital surveying is a new way of making buildings available virtually and digitally. Through various technologies in the wide spectrum of surveying, data can be recorded and made available in a processed form. The choice from the range of surveying services depends on the client’s wishes, their level of detail and the geometry of the building. A digital survey creates several types of data and not just a 2D plan. This makes multimedia data possible. Photos, videos as well as sound can be captured and processed into a 3D model with a 360 degree perspective. This enables a dimensionally accurate virtual representation of the condition of your existing building. In addition, technical and geometric data of your building can also be recorded.

Why Do I Need Digital Surveying?

The benefits of digital surveying are many. Surveys of existing buildings are required for many purposes. A good example is renovation work. Existing buildings often lack accurate and reliable data to enable a perfect renovation. Digital surveying provides a solid basis for further planning and coordination of the project, especially for architects, engineers and TGA planners. Apart from that, a digital survey provides a detailed image of your property, which you can extend to a BIM model or a digital twin if desired. This makes it possible to manage your property digitally and efficiently. A digital survey can increase the value of your property, as you can rectify faults more quickly and bring your building into pristine condition. How exactly does a digital survey work?

What Is the Process for Digital Surveying at DiConneX?

To digitally survey your property, we first need a strategy. We collect all the necessary information about the property and coordinate dates as well as accessibility to your building with you. Then we discuss the level of detail (LoD), i.e. the data accuracy to be achieved by the capture. This depends entirely on your wishes and needs. Based on this information, we can decide on the right measuring instruments. In most cases a digital survey is taken with the help of a mobile mapping system, while terrestrial laser scanners are used for certain areas. Once all the framework conditions have been clarified and decided, we start the survey with the help of our equipment, which we call the on-site phase. By combining different devices, we can finish the measurement faster than with conventional surveying methods. After the raw data of the measurement has been captured, it now has to be processed by us and assembled into a model. Depending on your requirements, we create a point cloud model, a BIM model or a digital twin. Finally, we refine your data and hand it over to you with the highest quality standards.

In conclusion, digital surveying can be described as an innovation within the construction and real estate industry. The many advantages, that save costs and time, show the necessity of a digital transformation of the construction industry. We, at DiConneX, accompany you on your way into a digital future. We advise you from the beginning of your digitization, carry out the digitization of your buildings for you and create a BIM model and a digital twin of your property. Are you interested? Then make an appointment for an initial consultation here!

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