What BIM definition would you define for your mother?

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We all know this: Our mother asks us what we do in our new job, and then we have to come up with a simple explanation. Often the current jobs are so specific that it can be difficult to explain them in a few words. The BIM area, in particular, often seems very abstract to outsiders. This is where we want to help. We asked our employees to give us a BIM definition that they would also give their mothers. Above all, the result shows the very own personalities of our employees.

BIM Definition from Marketing:

“BIM is a method that allows construction workers, electricians, architects and so on to work together. All of them “draw” their plans in 3D on a PC and all these plans are then put together and superimposed. The result is a complete model, so to speak, in which all aspects of a house (architecture, heating, ventilation, electrics, etc.) are included. So with BIM, you can plan buildings better to avoid problems during construction.”

“You know how it is with building Lego. You’re told which brick to put where, you get 360 degree pictures of what you’re supposed to do and explanations. BIM does the same for buildings, and not just for one person, but everyone working on it.”

“So mum, BIM is a working method by which buildings are designed and also built. All the information about the building that is created during construction is collected and compiled in a specific place. However, this is done digitally in software and is not filed away in analogue folders. This can be information such as a design of the finished building that the architect has created online. The documents and information are stored digitally in a software and made accessible to many people. So everyone involved in the project has access to the information and can retrieve it from a computer at any time.

BIM Definition from Surveying:

“With the help of BIM, everyone involved in the construction and operation of a building is provided with a virtual model in which all processes and information can be exchanged.”

“BIM is a method in which the current status of an object is digitally reflected. The associated software contains a model of the object, where everyone who works on the object shares their current status. Participants can be, among others, architects who design the property, engineers who implement the property and facility managers who are responsible for the building services. So everyone involved can look at the property, almost in real time, what has been done so far.”

“When a building is born, it gets a twin brother. This one lives on the internet. The brother imitates everything the building does, it imitates the building all its life. The building doesn’t like to talk that much. So when the two meet their friends – usually architects or engineers – the building is usually silent, while the brother talks enthusiastically.”

BIM Definition from Consulting:

“BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is a working method that supports digitization in the construction industry. With the help of this working methodology, it is possible for all those involved in construction to work together more collaboratively so that errors in planning can be avoided and costs can be better calculated. The individual planners no longer create 2D plans, but 3D models that contain all the important information, such as costs. The advantage of building virtually before building for real is that the models of the planners can be merged, and thus errors can be detected and corrected at an early stage. This means that there are hardly any supplements. The client can also decide at an early stage what he likes and what he doesn’t like. In the end, operation can be made much more efficient with the BIM model, as the operators have an up-to-date status of the building and can also see exactly what has been installed. With BIM, everyone involved benefits and works together in partnership. That’s why construction projects can also be carried out much more efficiently and economically.

PS: My mum has proofread my master’s thesis on BIM and is already quite competent in the subject :D”

“Mum, you know the Sims games. In the game, you can create the perfect house for your Sims. With the BIM methodology, FAST works in exactly the same way. The building to be constructed is first built virtually using software, so that all project participants know exactly how the building will look in the end and what they should pay attention to during construction. The 3D model supports the project participants in the planning and later in the construction process by making the necessary information available to everyone and thus enabling better cooperation. Many mistakes are avoided as a result, and the project is completed on time – within budget.”


As expected, the definitions from surveying are very factual, whereas the approaches from marketing and consulting have to resort more to creativity. The different emphases set by our employees are also striking: Some focus BIM on the planning of a building, others on collaborative working. This shows the broad positioning of BIM. Whether it’s comparisons with Sims, Lego or a factually correct definition – we hope that we can thus continue to spread the word about BIM so that it becomes more and more popular.

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