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How can we design and consolidate the digitization of buildings even better, more efficiently and more cheaply over their entire life cycle? A question that concerns us every day and that we are constantly working on. As a full solution provider for building digitization, we face new challenges every day. The digital transformation is our focus. That is why we have specialized in the areas of digital consulting, mapping and scanning and digital twinning. Through our extensive range of services, we offer special solutions for our customers so that an individual digital transformation is possible.

Digital Consulting

With our digital consulting, we support our customers in the integrating digital work processes to optimize workflows and make better use of technologies. Integrating planning methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) independently in your own company can be a challenge. Several stakeholders of a company have to be picked up and employees have to be trained throughout the entire change process. Therefore, we offer you exactly this expertise with our consulting and advise you completely on the following topics:

  • BIM Consulting
  • BIM implementation
  • Process digitalization
  • Digital transformation

Example: When the company Havelhostel Nordwest GmbH approached us, hotel construction projects had already been implemented. To learn from these projects and to use the BIM method in the future, we carried out an analysis of the existing processes and standards. Based on this, these processes and standards were transformed to fit the BIM method so that all future projects can be implemented in this way.

In addition to our services in the area of digital consulting, we offer individual seminars that are designed to impart knowledge about BIM to the participants. We are also currently working on a virtual seminar that makes it possible to learn the advantages of BIM with other participants despite the physical distance. Our range of information also includes webinars to inform you about topics from our areas, such as BIM, the digital twin or AS-Built documentation.

Mapping und Scanning

In the field of surveying, everything revolves around the digital inventory and area survey of your buildings and facilities. With the help of new technologies, we can capture up to 50,000 square meters of your buildings per day and make them digitally accessible. A digital twin can be viewed online and made intelligent by creating information points. So you get more than a 3D model from us, because our services include:

  • As-built survey by laser scanning
  • Mapping of buildings and facilities
  • 3D modelling

Example: In the field of mapping and scanning, we have successfully completed a project for Deutsche Bahn. The task was to survey an ICE plant to create a digital twin which will be used for building and facility management. For another example of as-built documentation, read our case study on AS-Built documentation.

Digital Twinning

Digital twinning is a highly networked and efficient tool for managing objects. Through a web-based viewer, everyone involved in the project can access the required data regardless of time and space. The creation of new information points in the building is now even faster with our proprietary ‘Digatwin’ software and enables consistent information management. To strengthen communication and organization in the building, we offer the following services: 

  • Networking of information sources through DiGaTwin
  • Consistent information management
  • Training and further education of project participants

Example: An example project using the Digital Twin is the BMW World. The Digital Twin was created for the use of an internal “height access tool” and to optimize management and organization in facility management. As BMW-Welt is used and operated by various companies, the aim is to use the Digital Twin for communication and organization between the companies.

Our extensive range of services makes us the ideal contact when it comes to the digitization of buildings and systems. We offer holistic solutions for the digitization of processes and support you throughout the entire process. So it is not at all unusual for us to provide information on a broad spectrum, because our goal is also to develop an understanding of digitization in everyone.

If we can also help you optimize processes in your company and use digitalization as an advantage, please contact us and let us advise you!

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