Why should parking garages be scanned?

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The parking area management industry has changed significantly over the past 20 years. At that time, a parking lot was only used to park a vehicle. Parking garages were purpose-built and should be simple and car-friendly. Today, a pleasant opportunity is offered to park the vehicle in a friendly atmosphere for a certain period of time with many other services.

But still, everyone knows them – multi-storey car parks or parking garages with entrances that are far too narrow, or parking lots and run-down components. We are of the opinion that these systems should be scanned for renovation and displayed in a 3D model. Because even with parking garages, a restructuring of the area or a redesign is necessary after many years. We have therefore created a 3D model of a parking garage for you. Using this example, we would like to show what possibilities are given with a 3D model and how it can help you to redesign a parking garage. First, we would like to show the reasons why a restructuring of old parking garages makes sense.

Why Does It Make Sense to Restructure Car Parks?

Wider Cars

One reason for restructuring is the increasing popularity of large vehicle types such as large sedans and SUVs. This increases the need for wider parking spaces, because the minimum parking space width in a parking garage is no longer up-to-date. Tramlines and ramps in some parking garages no longer do justice to customers. Traditional cars have also become wider as the safety and comfort requirements have increased. The VW Golf, for example, had an increase in width of 19 cm between 1974 and 2013. Demographic change has also changed the needs of motorists. Older drivers on the streets are particularly dependent on comfortable parking facilities.


Urbanization is the spread of urban lifestyles and behaviors into the surrounding rural areas. More specifically, it means the increase of typical urban lifestyles, living styles or household structures. For parking garage owners, the change means a higher utilization of the parking garages. Cities with many inhabitants have a problem with space. The people who move there need living space and workplaces and are becoming more mobile at the same time. Roads are being expanded to prevent a lot of congestion. At first glance, it seems right to demolish multi-storey parking garages and build flats or offices under this pressure, because public transport would then take over people’s transport. But the residents’ need to get around individually remains. Accordingly, more and more people will own their own vehicle or use more and more services such as car sharing. For the car parks, this means first and foremost more vehicles = higher utilization and correspondingly higher maintenance. In addition, there will be restructuring for car-sharing parking spaces or charging stations for electric vehicles.


With the increase in electric vehicles, a restructuring of parking spaces is also necessary here. By 2020*, the number of electric vehicles in Germany has increased to 136,000 vehicles. In order for car parks to remain competitive, some parking spaces will need to be equipped with charging facilities. By installing charging areas, parking garages can set themselves apart from others and more easily attract new or regular customers. For this, it is necessary to mark the car park with signs and surface markings. In addition, there are many technologies that can be used. These include the wired or inductive charging station. In each case, there are a number of concepts for how the electricity can flow to the vehicle. However, there is no uniform legal regulation for the equipment and design. To avoid planning errors, it is necessary to think about the choice of charging station and the desired functions beforehand. The idea of one or more design variants can easily be tested in a 3D model.

Car Sharing

Car sharing also means that parking facilities have to be restructured. Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular, so more parking spaces are needed for the vehicles. The number of users has been rising steadily for several years. In 2019, there were already 2.4 million registered carsharing users. The number of carsharing vehicles has also continued to rise in recent years. Of course, the parking spaces should be easily accessible. That is why multi-storey car parks are ideally suited for car-sharing vehicles. But in order to be able to offer this, the parking spaces must first be created. To do this, the existing parking spaces have to be restructured. Car-sharing parking spaces must be specially marked so that they are visible to every user. A 3D model is best suited for the restructuring, as the necessary information is bundled in it and the planning can be carried out effectively. The individual parking spaces can be arranged as desired and also discarded again and again. This minimises planning errors. In addition, the 3D models can be used for later management or even for accompanying the car sharing users, e.g. in the form of indoor navigation.

Fully Automatic Parking Systems

Fully automatic parking systems have also been used for some years. Here, the driver parks his vehicle after entering the car park so that the vehicle can be parked in or out of the car park fully automatically. This system achieves a higher parking density compared to conventional parking facilities. The endless search for a parking space is over. With the automated system, you offer your users an incomparable parking experience. In addition, there are fewer emissions and the vehicles are protected from the scratches that often occur when parking in or out of a parking space. It is possible to equip the parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles, which further increases the attractiveness of your parking facility. In addition, the system can be integrated into existing buildings. With a 3D model, you can optimally check and plan the requirements for a fully automatic parking system.

Why Is It Necessary to Scan a Car Park for Restructuring?

Why is it necessary to scan a car park for restructuring?

Why is it necessary to scan a car park for restructuring?

A multi-storey car park is also an economic asset and, due to the high returns, is now increasingly interesting for investors. The necessary investments for the equipment and atmosphere must be in balance with the purpose. Therefore, the question should always be asked: How far does user-friendly furnishing go, and where does economic imbalance begin? With a 3D model, a lot of planning can be simplified, making structuring more efficient. Therefore, As-Built surveying by laser scanning forms the perfect basis for an optimal redistribution of usable space. In the following, we will go into more detail about the advantages that arise from scanning and explain them with our example.

Concrete and Asphalt Renovation

The renovation of a car park can be a huge expense. Cracks can develop in concrete structures due to a lack of statics, large temperature differences or little consideration of stresses. In addition, supports can be attacked by salt and melt water, so that the stability is endangered. These and other reasons force concrete renovation in multi-storey car parks. The situation is similar with asphalt. Constant traffic, temperature changes, fuels and oils put a lot of stress on the asphalt. By measuring a parking garage, the renovation work can be planned and structured more efficiently. This way, selective rehabilitation can be carried out safely.

Restructuring with Parking Area Management

The 3D model offers probably the greatest advantage when restructuring the area and managing the parking space. Surveying ensures that all dimensions are available in the 3D model. This means that planning and restructuring can be carried out clearly. In our video, we show how easy it is to take individual measurements from the model. This way you can easily carry out all measurements on the computer without entering the car park.

Navigation in Parking Garages (Zigpos)

With the ZIGPOS technology, smart objects can be localized and tracked. The real-time localization system enables location-based applications in GPS-inaccessible areas, such as parking garages. This location system consists of mobile and fixed sensor devices. When a vehicle enters, the mobile sensor devices are distributed so that each vehicle can be located. The combination of a 3D model and a precise location enable you to get directions to a free or assigned parking space. It also makes it easy for users to navigate to the payment machines and find the car when they return to the parking garage. By networking different technologies, new, more efficient concepts can be developed and the return on a parking garage can be increased.

Basic Model for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous parking in multi-storey car parks – this is what the future of parking could look like. And the introduction of it is not as far away as many might think. A few clicks on the smartphone, you can get out and the car parks itself while you are already on the way to your actual destination. And vice versa when you return. The app tells you when you will arrive at the car park and the vehicle is ready, including the automatically paid parking fee. Some vehicle manufacturers and promising start-ups are already planning to introduce these systems in series production. With the measurement and a millimetre-accurate 3D model of the car park, a basic model has been created.

There are various reasons why a car park should be restructured. The needs of drivers and also the technologies have changed. Wide cars are popular, electric cars are being bought more and more and the housing structure has also changed. This change is forcing car park owners to act. A 3D model of a car park can make restructuring more efficient. All data can be found collected in one place, which makes planning much easier. We support you and measure your car park! With the 3D model, there are several advantages that will help you with the restructuring. Contact us now, we will be happy to advise you on the surveying of your car park.

Source: KBA

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