New upswing in the real estate industry through the digital twin

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The digital twin is currently in great demand in the industry. With its digital image, it opens up numerous new possibilities compared to the usual methods, such as digital inventory and condition recording, area survey and a new level of connectivity. By networking the information sources, an image of the real object is created, and specific information is illustrated in detail digitally. Thus, reality can be represented accurately and in the form of live data, enabling sustainable data maintenance.

With a digital twin, it is also possible to visualize the actual state of a building. Due to the easy handling of the platform, which can be accessed from any location, concepts and ideas can be created using existing data even before construction. In this way, both processes and products can be simulated extensively and in any variations in virtual environments.

Digital twins are not immediately associated with office or residential properties. But it is precisely there that many advantages arise when they are used, for example in apartments, offices or shopping centers. To ensure success, it is essential for the real estate industry to develop in a profitable and customer-oriented way. It is digital solutions and smart technologies that make such development and management of real estate possible. BIM or smart building solutions are being considered or already used for these digitization strategies.

Challenges in the Real Estate Industry

One problem that exists within the real estate industry is the lack of digitization. In real estate, a lot of different information of the building comes into play. But the information is not standardized, making it difficult to keep track of changes. The chaos of information and lack of overview can lead to a loss of information. Therefore, within the real estate industry, not only the optimization of individual sub-areas is necessary, but an improvement of the overall processes. In this article, you will learn how a digital twin can help in these situations.

Foundation of BIM

The working method Building Information Modelling lays the foundation for data-based planning and construction. Working with this method can generate digital building models on which the digital twin is based. This makes it possible to link the individual virtual components of a property with further information. The smallest areas or spaces, such as cable runs, pipe shafts or locations, as well as information on technical installations can be directly recorded and made available for the later use phase of the property. BIM thus creates the foundation for all future relevant information.

Specific Applications in the Real Estate Sector

A digital twin provides space for all real estate-relevant information, such as planning, contract and real-time data describing the building’s condition. Regardless of location, both internal and external partners can use the digital twin. The information from the digital image can be used for an infinite number of application fields.

With a digital twin, it is therefore possible to plan a construction site remotely. The planner can call up the digital twin via his terminal and see which materials are needed and therefore also how much staff he needs. The painter can calculate an exact cost estimate based on the dimensions of the walls and knows how much paint he will need. In these cases, travel costs are minimized and communication is simplified. This enables more efficient property management.

The digital twin also provides a basis for various analyses and calculations, such as sound analyses or flood simulations, which can be created in advance. With a digital twin, therefore, the project becomes visible. Everyone involved then has concrete ideas, which can reduce misunderstandings. The various analyses increase planning reliability, which also positively influences the opinions of the decision-makers.


A digital twin describes the optimal tool for making the entire life cycle of a property more efficient and centralizing communication and presenting information visually. With the digital representation, complex projects become tangible for all stakeholders. This creates ideal conditions for planning, building and managing real estate efficiently.

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