5 Advantages of a Digital Twin for Offices and Homes

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Whether in the automotive industry, in the context of Industry 4.0 or in the real estate market; a digital twin describes the complete package that is currently being used in many industries and is now, indispensable. However, the digital twin not only allows us to monitor many products throughout their life cycle, but also makes our work, including all communication channels, easier. With a focus on the real estate industry, it also allows us to live nicer and smarter.

With the help of voice controls in smart homes, we can communicate and coordinate our furnishings via our smartphone. A digital twin, on the other hand,  enables other things. It can simulate the building in detail before construction, with all the regulations and aesthetic requirements. Once construction is complete, including the installation of sensors, the Digital Twin can provide a representation of the building over its entire life cycle.

In a nutshell, there are many benefits of the Digital Twin for the housing market. Below, we have outlined five advantages that are turning the real estate industry upside down.

1. A Digital Twin & The Optimal Planning of Buildings

Ever since Stuttgart 21 or the construction of the Elbphilharmonie in our hometown of Hamburg, it has been common knowledge that we often miss deadlines during construction and that the budget is underestimated. A digital twin addresses the problems and remedies the problems that occur frequently. With the 3D model, a Digital Twin can not only be seen as an image of what has been built. Rather, it is an innovative way of raising the entire planning process to a leaner and agile level.

A digital twin is  a communication platform that ensures the highest level of transparency in any form. It doesn’t have to be an airport, it can also be a co-working space that is to be restructured. Each integrated person is informed in real time about planning changes and progress by the digital twin. This way, deadline risks are reduced simply. Furthermore, a digital twin can more easily identify and minimize problems that arise. Conflicts between individual parties, such as the interdepartmental engineers, are drastically reduced in this way.

2. A Digital Twin to See How Your Building Feels

A Digital Twin not only has an efficient effect on the planning and cost calculation, it also provides more imagination of an upcoming construction through visualization. Because the AS-Built model can be used to simulate the actually built state. The AS-Built model is the virtual image of the real building. It shows where a wall was built and where the pipes and cables were installed. The AS-Built control is the computer-aided verification of the planned target state of a building.

In this way, one can virtually move through the digital twin instead of discussing analogue, confusing planning variants. And, one can actually visualize what is often planned in a shadowy way. A digital twin, thus, visually represents the imagination in the context of planning. If the model is finally acceptable, it is also automatically determined how the various aspects affect the time schedule, energy efficiency or possible ancillary costs.

Once construction is complete and enough sensors have been integrated within the house, a digital twin provides the image of the building over its entire life cycle. Depending on how detailed the sensors are integrated, the actual state can be depicted precisely using the live data. With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), it can be recognized in which room the lights are on or how many people are taking part in a meeting.

3. A Digital Twin & Corporate Social Responsibility

During the use phase, a digital twin also has important advantages with a focus on sustainability. A digital twin can lead to significant energy savings through building automation. All important information from the building services on energy consumption comes together here. With the help of sensors and IoT technology, this data can be viewed and regulated in the digital twin. The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important and is therefore also influencing the way we look at buildings and which components are important. There are quality seals for sustainable buildings that explicitly value orderly commissioning as a positive sustainability criterion.

4. A Digital Twin & Faster Refurbishment

Everyone knows what the new ways of working (“New Work”) demand. Coworking spaces are springing up, offering workplaces in big cities to decentralized consultants and start-ups. As a result, workspaces often have to be fundamentally remodeled to adapt them to the new tenants.

Up to now, architects or planners have often had to repeatedly check how the floor plan of the respective room is structured in all details, as the plans are no longer up to date. A digital twin remedies this information leak. It helps to avoid surprises during a conversion, which saves costs and allows deadlines to be met. This allows flexibility for the landlord. The landlord can meet customer needs and thus attract more tenants.

5. A Digital Twin & Maintenance Work

A Digital Twin can provide live data of the information needed. It can thus provide information and simulate when, for example, the lamps need to be changed or the fire extinguisher needs to be serviced. In this way, the date of maintenance is already calculated for the future and not only when the respective device is broken. This has significant advantages for property owners and for industrial buildings. For these, a breakdown of machines or other equipment can lead to a production stop, which is reflected in financial costs.

With the listed advantages, a digital twin describes the optimal tool to make your company or real estate fit for the future. As a full-service provider for the Digital Twin, we at DiConneX would be happy to accompany you on your way into the digital age. Feel free to leave us a message with any questions about our services.

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