DiConneX’s 2020 Year in Review

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A turbulent year is drawing to a close. Who would have thought 2020 would be so special? As usual, the year started with a few visits to different trade fairs. Among other things, we were a part of the Bautec trade fair and the Digital Bau 2020. At Digital Bau 2020, we also had a public appearance together with our partner Viega for the first time. The concept of the new trade fair was also very convincing, and we are already looking forward to new appearances.

But then everything changed…

At the beginning of the year, there was already an increase in staff on several fronts. Especially in software development, we had a strong increase in the number of four student employees. Marketing was enriched by two new interns who probably didn’t know at the beginning of the year how special this internship would be. It quickly became clear that, for example, planned trade fair appearances this year would be very different from the years before. From mid-March onwards, it was time for the entire team to work from home. This was of course a special challenge for the newly arrived employees, as most of them had only been able to get a taste of office life for a few weeks before this time. But after a short period of getting used to it, the transition worked well.

“Can you hear me?”

To strengthen the team feeling and to go through this special time together, we had morning calls at 9, every day. Everyone reported on their current status and tasks for the day. As a generally digital company, we mastered the challenges of the home office very quickly. Through strong teamwork and the right tools, everyone was always aware of each other’s status and communication channels remained fast and direct.

Covid, Covid, Covid

However, the pandemic was not only felt in the workplace. Of course, the lockdown has had an impact on the entire economy. So, we were unable to hold the planned BIM training courses. Almost all face-to-face training courses had to be canceled this year. Every company was hit by the pandemic in one way or another. And even if surveys could be carried out again with time, subject to safety measures, there was a certain acclimatization phase at the beginning.

Thus, we wanted to react quickly to the current situation and create added value during this time. Within a very short time, we, therefore, launched the virtual BIM training. During this time, the entire team worked at full speed to make BIM a virtual experience for everyone. With our partner, Artengis, and our competencies, we were able to present a virtual world in June that enabled customers to conduct training courses with us. We, therefore, sent VR glasses to the customers and everyone was able to immerse themselves in the new VR world and experience BIM in a new way. Every month we were able to convey the topic of BIM to the course participants from the safety of their own homes. We were able to gather a lot of knowledge in this project and now have all the systems ready to implement this concept directly for major clients and look forward to further development.

Exploring new paths

After the brief relaxation in summer, we met again in teams for 3 days a week in the office. At the end of August, the annual summer festival was just around the corner. The whole team went to Plön am See (Schleswig-Holstein). There we crossed the lake in small groups by canoe. In the restaurant by the lake, we had a good snack before we went on. We ended the day at the barbecue.

Only a few days later, we took the next big step: moving into a new office! We have grown a lot in recent years and even though the CoWorking Airport gave us good opportunities to stay flexible, it was time for us to look for our own space. The better location and the own development in the premises has been an important step for the whole company, and we are happy about this decision every day. Since September, you can now find us at Gänsemarkt 33. Feel free to take a look around and use the 3D Viewer:

Working together in the new office was initially short-lived. We introduced a hybrid attendance system relatively quickly to protect ourselves and others. We were able to ensure that only a few employees are in the office and that distances are maintained. So we split the week into new interdisciplinary teams and some employees went back to the home office completely. The familiar 3-2-2 system (3 days in the office, 2 days at home, 2 days off) worked very well for us from the start. Of course, due to further developments, we then closed the office completely in December.

Quo vadis DiConneX?

Despite all the circumstances, we have seen good development in many areas this year. Surveying has done a lot of work in various projects that you will hear more about in the future. The work of the surveyors has been the cornerstone for many other developments in the company. Just like the structure of the As-Built documentation and the further development of the digital twin. In the area of digital twins, there has been a strong development towards our products, not least due to great customers and our software development. We are currently building our data management system and expanding the 3D Viewer. You can also look forward to new developments in the web area in 2021. From a new homepage to our ecosystem, for our customers to make even better use of the Digital Twin. We’ll continue to give our all next year to drive the digitization of buildings.

We are grateful for the dedication of every single employee in our team and remain highly motivated and looking forward to an exciting 2021!

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