European Digital Twin Summit 2022

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This September, DiConneX is hosting the first European-level Digital Twin Summit in Hamburg, Germany. We explore the different digital twins in businesses – the critical technology you need to make better and more informed business decisions, increase operational efficiency and drive digital culture in your organization. That’s why this year’s Summit theme is:

“The road to the digital twin of organisations”. 

About the event

The aim of this event is to drive the adoption of Digital Twin technologies across a range of industries, from shipping to complex manufacturing, from architecture to engineering and construction to taxonomy (ESG), predictive maintenance and compliance management. With the European Digital Twin Summit, we aim to bring together the collective expertise of organizations to share innovative solutions, technical knowledge and strategic insights.

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Why you should attend

As an enterprise-level decision maker, you can explore new applications and strategic approaches, drive thought leadership and enterprise-level decision-making in the Digital Twin ecosystem.

We have presentations for you from respected industry and business leaders who are working to develop a holistic and forward-looking vision of the Digital Twin in the enterprise. 

The experts will share their strategic insights, technical know-how, best practices and case studies on how to use data-driven decision-making to drive digitalisation and ROI. Plus, no questions will go unanswered during the panel discussions and Q&A sessions. During the networking breaks, you will have the opportunity for personal conversations and discussions with other trailblazers.


The focus is on the challenges and opportunities of adopting the Digital Twin and defining Digital Twin strategies with expert panels, interactive discussions and Q&A sessions in the context of Industry 4.0.

The agenda will include presentations with respected industry and business leadership working to develop a holistic and forward-looking vision of the Digital Twin within companies. After a day of knowledge sharing, speakers and guests will meet in a relaxed atmosphere with drinks and dinner at the venue.

All the facts

When: 15. September 2022

Where: TBC, Hamburg

Time: 10:00-18:00 Uhr followed by dinner from 18:00 – open end



Highlights of DiConneX Summit 2021:

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