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Why Do You Need the Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin can be the solution for numerous use cases. It is important to understand that many people from different departments often work together in a building. But is the knowledge of these people also passed on in a system to which everyone has access? Or is the updated information sheet about a machine perhaps lying with an employee who is on holiday? This is exactly where the digital twin comes in as an integrated information management system. It enables information on individual components to be obtained, measurements to be carried out directly on the PC without losing time, and external people are able to navigate quickly through your building.

One Digital Twin.
Infinite Use Cases.

How Do I Use the 3d Viewer?

Browser-based and quickly accessible. The perfect tool for important tasks without being on-site yourself.

Digitization Made Easy!

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Learning by doing is our motto. Build your digital playground and get to know the benefits of the Digital Twin faster.

Use the 3D model

Great! The first part of your building is now digital. You can digitally accelerate the tasks and processes through the 3D model.

Intelligent Networking

Want to get even more out of your Digital Twin? You can network the most important information in your building with it.

Use for the long term

Little by little, you can map more use cases through the Digital Twin. Great, scale up throughout the building lifespan.

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