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The Digital Twin Let's You See How Your Buildings Feel.

With the Digital Twin, data is centralized in a single location, making it easily accessible to all stakeholders. All users can access, update and exchange project-relevant information via the browser-based model. This significantly reduces the time spent searching for information. Time and money are saved by optimizing the overall project coordination. By managing tasks “remotely” via the Digital Twin, the annual travel costs are also permanently reduced.

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Fast Capture

The otherwise time-consuming survey of the actual building area using 2D plans is a thing of the past. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can map over 30,000 m² in one day.

Individual Integration

The digital twin offers a sustainable basis for the efficient management of your buildings. D You can decide which and how much information should be included and add to it successively.

Easier Organization

End-to-end connectivity enables error-free arrangements. With uniform networking of the systems used, decision-makers can organize and coordinate better.

Accurate Evaluation

Avoid inaccuracies and outdated data. The digital twin is the actual image of your building and also supports you in the future with seamless documentation

Our Mission

We create browser-based infrastructures in 3D that are fast and usable for everyone, and optimize operation over the entire life cycle.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Buildings

Maintaining a building efficiently during operation requires a lot of organizational talent. With our Digital Twin, you have all the essential information in one place and can get to work in a more relaxed way. We ensure that you can compare your data with the real world in real time.
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Your Questions About the Digital Twin Answered

The Digital Twin is the virtual image of a real object and thus creates a direct link between the digital and real worlds. With the digital twin, it is thus possible to access measured information across platforms. Through this possibility, walk-throughs can be minimized and communication simplified, among other things.

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First, the visualization takes place by scanning the real object. The selected information sources are then brought onto a platform so that they can be linked to form an image. Finally, the collected information is retrievable by software, enabling interaction between humans and the networked system.
Thanks to the Digital Twin, it is possible to make information available to stakeholders across platforms. By digitizing processes, inspections can be minimized and communication simplified. In addition, the information management and structuring of organizational processes is reduced, as the information is available to every authorized person. With the use of the Digital Twin, operations can be made up to 24% more efficient.
The Digital Twin is used for different types of buildings. Especially in industry, it can be used purposefully. In general, it is large, complex buildings with many components, such as large office spaces, logistics halls, production plants, but also large properties with smaller structures that can be mapped with the Digital Twin. We spend 80% of our time in buildings and are therefore constantly in contact with them. If the Digital Twin is set up and implemented correctly, it can be used by everyone.
If communication and organization is conducted via a 3D model, it can increase efficiency in the process with buildings. In addition, those involved can use the browser-based viewer to get an impression of the property or future construction sites at any time and from anywhere. For example, technicians can see in advance which work materials are required.

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Little by little, you can map more use cases through the Digital Twin. Great, scale up throughout the building lifespan.

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