Digital Twin for
FM Service Provider

Use a Smart Tool to Manage Your Buildings

The digital twin encompasses the entire building ecosystem and enables facility management service providers
to optimize their processes in buildings at every stage of the lifecycle.

Building Information

Insight and organization of occupational safety via the browser-based viewer for e.g. preservation of evidence.


Ensure an increase in efficiency through
remote task coordination and virtual building walk-throughs.

Data Management

Save time, thanks to the rapid availability of project-relevant data (e.g. components, building services, equipment).

Curious What a 3D Model Looks Like?

Jens Schmidt
Technology Director (Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH)

“Durch den Digitalen Zwilling von DiConneX konnten wir Arbeitsabläufe in unseren hochkomplexen chemischen Anlagen einfacher und digital darstellen. Dadurch ist es uns möglich Mitarbeiter effizient und mit hoher Qualität aus- und weiterzubilden.”

One Digital Twin.
Infinite Use Cases.

Advantages for Your Stakeholders​


The easy availability of floor plans and documentation in the plants, lead to holistic information on one platform.

Building Services

Uses the Digital Twin to evaluate and monitor sensor and field data to optimize systems in a sustainable manner.

Compliance and Safety

Monitor the safety of your buildings with the Digital Twin. It saves lives by predicting emergency situations before they happen.

Quality Management

Get access to the performance data of any piece of equipment and the record of problems and solutions.

Digitization Made Easy!

Do you need a digital twin for your buildings or interested to know, how can it benefit you?
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Learning by doing is our motto. Build your digital playground and get to know the benefits of the Digital Twin faster.

Use the 3D model

Great! The first part of your building is now digital. You can digitally accelerate the tasks and processes through the 3D model.

Intelligent Networking

Want to get even more out of your Digital Twin? You can network the most important information in your building with it.

Use for the long term

Little by little, you can map more use cases through the Digital Twin. Great, scale up throughout the building lifespan.

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