Information Management with the Digital Twin

Building Digitization for
holistic data management

Large facilities and infrastructures are often faced with the challenge of maintaining an up-to-date database. The problem is to achieve scalability in the face of constant change and to increase process efficiency. Thus, consolidated information about physical assets in virtual form is vital. In addition, the platform should contain risk management and facility lifecycle management information in the same IoT environment.

The virtual replica of a physical building- A Consolidated Dataset

The digital twin serves as a single point of information and thus networks all building-relevant information sources with each other. This creates an ecosystem for all stakeholders in the building. Our platform networks the different areas such as building management, administration and production in the Digital Twin. In this way, all stakeholders can access the building’s information. The information is thus updated centrally and always reflects the real status of the building.

Information Management at Deutsche Bahn

The Points of Information (POIs) in the browser-based viewer of the digital twin help with better planning and communication between the participants. This way, you are informed about current news and the distribution of tasks. The easy integration of videos, images and PDF documents is used for staff training, preservation of evidence and central data management. The 2D map helps with easy navigation and location sharing, even on mobile devices.
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Information management means holistic data integration
from all levels of an organisation.

You benefit greatly from increased reliability of big data,
improved productivity, security, time and cost efficiency.

data management

Production companies benefit
when vast amount of information
about their plants are hosted
on an integrated hub.

business efficiency

Advanced Data management with
Cloud-based Digital twin promotes
'Smart' working and enables
cost optimization.

Organisation Planning

Effective Data Management
boosts advanced planning in the
corporate structure and drives
sustainable process efficiency.

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