Press Release, Hamburg, November 2019

The Future Belongs to the Digital Twin!

The Hamburg-based start-up DiConneX is an expert in the digitization of buildings and in the creation and implementation of Digital Twins. The Digital Twin embodies a new generation of intelligent 3D models: more powerful, more transparent and more efficient – it is the best solution approach for the digitalization of companies. As a full-service provider, DiConneX ensures the successful implementation of digitization projects, thanks to reliable and complete customer support.

Every day, DiConneX provides individual and customized solutions for the digitization of its customers and accompanies them throughout the digitization process. Digitization is one of the greatest challenges for the future development of companies. Many German companies are still working with old processes and systems, and are thus missing out on a significant opportunity to successfully digitize themselves in the future. With the implementation of the Digital Twin, the digitization of buildings can actually take place quickly and without inhibitions.

Press Contact

Marvin Dunze

Senior Marketing Manager

DiConneX GmbH
Gänsemarkt 33
20354 Hamburg
+49 (0)40 572826142

See What Your Building Feels With the Digital Twin!

What exactly is a ‘Digital Twin’? Basically, a digital twin is a virtual image of a real object. Buildings are scanned using a laser scanning process and a virtual image is generated from this. However, the Digital Twin differs from the 3D models used so far in that it is networked. Data from the real object is linked to the virtual image. This means that live data on the building and its components can be retrieved. This enables better decisions to be made by those involved in the project and prevents the occurrence of errors in the planning, as well.

Simplified Project Execution- Thanks to the Centralized Communication Platform

Flawless planning and communication are a must for construction and maintenance projects to be carried out successfully. In practice, however, these two success factors are difficult to achieve. The reason? It is difficult to ensure smooth and effective communication between the different project participants in a project. With the Digital Twin, however, things are different. The implementation of the Digital Twin creates a communication platform that can be used by all project participants. Whether operators, builders or facility managers, with this platform all data relevant to the project is centralized and thus made accessible to all project stakeholders.

Diconnex Offers Customized Support Throughout the Entire Digitization Process.

For companies, digitization is a lengthy process and should therefore be done step by step. In addition, every customer has different goals and should be supported in the selection of suitable digitization strategies. Therefore, DiConneX develops customer-specific strategies and accompanies the complete digitization process. With DiConneX as a total service provider, customers receive the right solution and a strong partner on the path to digital transformation.

All the Advantages of the Digital Twin for Your Press Work at a Glance

Faster Survey The otherwise time-consuming survey of the actual building area using 2D plans is a thing of the past. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can map over 50,000 m² in one day.
Precise Evaluation Prevent inaccuracies and outdated data. The digital twin is the actual image of your buildings and supports you in the future with seamless documentation.
Improved Communication With the browser-based view of your buildings, you minimize the number of real walk-throughs and have all information at a glance. This makes meetings even more efficient.
Simpler Organization End-to-end connectivity enables error-free arrangements. With uniform networking of the systems used, decision-makers can organize and coordinate themselves better.
Individual Integration The digital twin offers a sustainable basis for the efficient management of your buildings. Decide which and how much information should be included and add to it successively.
Efficient Planning Optimize relevant core processes and reduce costs. Use end-to-end documentation to make future-oriented decisions with the help of benchmarking.

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