Remote Planning with the Digital Twin

Collaboration on a single platform for internal and external stakeholders

With the global crisis and restrictions on travel, more and more emphasis is being placed on remote working. Teams often need to maintain efficiency despite time differences and different locations. The information should therefore be on a central and accessible platform. The tangible and visual data representations also help overcome language barriers.

The intuitive tool,
called 'Digital Twin'

DiConneX offers the ‘Digital Twin’, a networked and efficient tool. It is integrated with a powerful user interface for virtual access to your infrastructures, from anywhere in the world. This ensures that all necessary information is accessible at all times via a practical web application. The digital twin enables holistic mapping of the building, measure distances and access up-to-date information of the installations and rooms. Anywhere in the world, from any device.

Remote Planning at Polarstern

The Digital Twin of Polarstern is used by the scientists, who planned their expedition to the Arctic, to study climate change. The digital twin of the research vessel facilitated virtual access to engine room, research rooms, bridge and chambers. This helped them to plan their expedition precisely and take their precautions for the multi-million dollar equipment. The Digital Twin further helped in coordinating research activities with scientists across the world.

Digital Accessibilty yields Cost Reductions

Remote Planning enables remote access to a building, facilitates production management and remote facility monitoring, round the clock. This use case of Digital Twin can be extended to advanced planning, predictive maintenance and defect management.


Remote Planning with the Digital Twin
promotes flexibility, productivity and
easy collaboration between
different stakeholders.


Data sharing with Digital Twin
optimizes the use of resources
and reduces disruptions
in collaborative projects.


Digital Twin aids holistic deployment
planning and control, which is a
key requirement for top
management and executives.

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