Onboarding and Task Allocation with the Digital Twin

Holistic platform for employee training and task allocation

At the organizational level, the top management is faced with the task of resolving conflicts. They have to coordinate the budgets of the teams and track their performance. Further, the competitive dynamics of the market segment require high order employee-coordination. If the process management is not optimized, the project deviates from the cost estimate and the project delivery deadlines.

System Digitization for Process Management

The Digital Twin by DiConneX helps to train and engage employees efficiently. With the digital twin, management can methodically formulate tasks by organising employees and accurately planning resources. It facilitates skill development and competence building among the workforce for informed decision-making.

Employee training
at DOW Inc.

Dow’s processes were digitised by building a digital twin of the plant. The data sets prepared by the surveying experts facilitated Dow’s training and education measures. The Digital Twin, further supported Dow in evaluating and controlling complex issues in chemical systems, regardless of time and place. This saves time and money in operations across varied areas of plant management.
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Digital Twin as the cost-effective and elementary training tool

The digitization of Processes and Workflows in a facility streamlines
the extensive training methods and schedules.


Digital Twin technology enhances
workforce productivity by automating
job assignment and status
on an integrated platform.


Digital information helps to conduct
training and development activities
to enhance the employees'
professional skills.


The Digital Twin provides
a safe environment for
training and mistrials
of your employees.

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